Vancouver Millionaires

Found these while shuffling through some old files on Dropbox. Quick illustrations of the major players from the Stanley Cup winning 1915 Vancouver Millionaires: Cyclone Taylor, Hugh Lehman, Sox Griffis and Frank Patrick.

D n' D Illustrations

Showing my nerd side with illustrations of characters from my weekly D n' D game, as well as a portrait of my buddy who plays as the DM. 

Ryder Hesjedal - Giro 2015 Illustration

It's turning into an annual tradition - an illustration to support Ryder Hesjedal's Giro d'Italia bid. You can see last year's Ryder Giro illustration I did here. Like last year, Ryder retweeted this and it's since had a good amount of mentions, RTs and favourites on Twitter.

Location Icons

An icon set I made as part of a Valentines day gift to my girlfriend this year. Each icon represents a different place we've been together.

Subplot Off-Colour Guide to the Holidays

Here's a project I did with Jacquie Shaw for Subplot's annual Christmas Card. The feedback we received was very positive - it was nice to see one of my projects so well received by other people in the industry.

Here are a few shots of the project.

Bicycle Hub Ice Cream Sandwich

I think you've officially made it as a designer when one of your logos has been turned into an ice cream sandwich.

One of Bicycle Hub's awesome customers made them these as a Christmas gift.

You can check out the work I did for Bicycle Hub here.

Liberty Bell Icon

I like to play around in Illustrator in my downtime at work, was happy with how this icon of the Liberty Bell turned out.


O'Beautys Alternate Logo and Jerseys

Mock-up of a 'faux-back' my beer league roller hockey team may wear this season. Inspired by the golden age of hockey and retro baseball script logos.

If you haven't seen it before, here are the home and away jerseys we currently wear (also designed by me).

Tour de France 2014 Illustrations

Illustrations of a few of what I felt were the most interesting or iconic moments of the 2014 tour. Playing around with a new line-work style on these.

Andrew Talanksy's solo effort, despite horrible back problems.

Jack Bauer, after an unssuccesful 222km breakaway.

Mick Roger's finish line bow.

Jens Voigt's 'au revoir' attack on the Champs-Élysées.

Cycling Kits

A couple of cycling kit mock-ups.

Ryder Hesjedal - Giro d'Italia

With the 2014 Giro d'Italia starting I quickly put together a background for my phone supporting my favourite cyclist, Victoria's Ryder Hesjedal. The image is Ryder's race number along with his team's argyle pattern and the iconic pink of the Maglia Rosa as a background.


I tweeted the image out to Ryder, and he actually retweeted the image to his followers. The image has since gotten numerous favourites, retweets and mentions. Very cool to contact your favourite athletes directly like that, and have your work seen by people around the world.


Could be nice to do a print or two in the future.

Canada 150 Logo

Logo for the Canada 150 project I never submitted. The idea was to reference Canada's historical connection to Britain by subtly alluding to the Union Jack, while attempting to use the bold, minimal aesthetic so prevalent in Canadian design to create a maple leaf shape.

Canucks Heritage Classic Jersey

The Heritage Classic was last weekend and even though I love the Millionaires look I had some fun and mocked up a Canucks faux-back for the occasion.

Seahawks Illustrations

Had some down time before the Superbowl and being a big Seahawks fan did a couple illustrations of Marshawn Lynch and Russell Wilson.

Triple Crown Bike Graphics

I had built up a blank carbon frame as my second bike and figured it would be a fun project to design the graphics for it myself. I built the bike to handle climbs and gravel, so I named it 'The Triple Crown' after Vancouver's famous 3 mountain climb bike ride. The graphics are vinyl cuts.

Here's a few photos I grabbed with my phone while putting the decals on.